8 Interior decoration trends for a high-end home

Looking at the interior decorations trends that will be popular and preferred in the years to come is not an easy task to accomplish. But if you are looking for some ideas that go with the present trends and tend to stay longer rather than simply fading up in a few months or a year, this article would offer you many tips to ensure that your high-end home looks extravagant and luxurious without having to redo everything time and again.

  1. Black would be the new stainless steel

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We all have had enough of those bright and neon colors around the house and especially the kitchen area. As per the designers and experts, the stainless steel which is seen everywhere right now would be out for a better and more classy replacement. It is believed that the stainless steel in the black color would enter the market for a more modern, chic and sleek style finish to your kitchen.

2. Metallic would be replaced by the matte look

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The metallic look has been in fashion for quite some time now but after studying the recent decors and expos, it can be said that it would soon be replaced by the matte look all over the house. Be it the lampshades or the hanging chandeliers, you would see a lot of matte like texture, especially in the home décor items.

3. A mix and match of the furniture

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It is the time that you stop sticking to the one color rule for everything in the room. Now is the time to mix and match, as that is what the trend in the coming months would be. Two colored cabinets in the kitchen, different types of furniture pieces in the living rooms and contrasting colors in the dining rooms is what looks like an idea to take over.

5. More formal spaces in the house

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For all those who think that a drawing room or study can be the only formal spaces in your house, it is time to think again. Right since the formal dining rooms being introduced, things would change to look more like formal settings around. For a lot of people who believe that eating times are the most important and non-negotiable with anything, it is the time you swear by this trend.

6. Stylish entryways and hallways

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Since the size of high-end homes would be increasing, more space and attention would be paid to the entryways and the hallways. The spaces can be decorated with solo color themes, fancy key and jacket holders, shoe racks, etc.

7. Statement decor pieces

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Although this is a trend that is being followed since ages what would make the decor special this season would be the masterpieces that are unique and handpicked, not something that is made in bulk and sold all over. Right from the fancy lamps and hangings for the drawing room, to the rustic style decor pieces in the bedroom, everything would be unique and as per themes.

8. Minimalist Kitchens

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In spite of being loaded with the most modern tools and cooking equipment, the kitchens would be designed in a manner that they look more open, clear and more outdoor. Deep drawers and huge and clear platforms would make it to the kitchen decor in the years to come. Also, to keep it simple, colors would be kept minimum and lights would be experimented with.