Top 7 Ideas to decorate you home

Increasing inflation has put a demand of the smaller homes on the top these days and most of us are moving to smaller spaces and apartments that look like the size of a pint. But even if your apartment is small, no one could keep you away from decorating in a way that it looks beautiful and perfectly done.

There are a few ideas that would not just help you in letting your apartment look bigger but it would eventually look nothing less than your dream home as well.

  1. Add some curves

Usually, the smaller apartments or generally all the apartments are box-shaped and therefore, you can add some shapes and especially some curves. Curves are highly trendy these days so use rugs and furniture in these shapes to add some style to your apartment.

2. Reduce the size of the furnishings

image (14)

If you want to ramp up your apartment’s look, prepping it up with a few pieces of furniture would be a good idea. But in this process, you need to make sure that you do not do it over the top. In addition to this, the furnishings of smaller sizes would make sure that the house looks bigger.

3. Adding a lot of rugs

Add different rugs in different areas and add a lot of them. Start with you dining areas and bedroom and if you have good spaces, add a rug or two in the drawing room as well. Apart from defining different areas, the rugs would be good in cases when you have to add a pop of color to the neutral home.

4. DIY architecture

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Right from defining a wall to making those quirky shades and hangings, you can do everything on your own. Check out for different DIY videos and try to make things for your apartment on your own. This gives a quirky and personalized touch to the house and the process would eventually help you in saving a lot of money as well.

5. Focus on your comfort

Pay special attention to things that are important for your comfort. It is often seen that people overlook the aspects related to comfort in the process of utilizing things that would be soothing to the eyes. After a day’s hard work, the most important place to find in the house is your cozy and comfortable bed. So invest in good mattresses, linens and bedding’s and other related stuff that would offer you some comfort in your apartment.

6. Paint the old furniture

Investing in painting the entire apartment might not be a feasible option for everyone so therefore if you are looking for an idea that could help you instantly, paint your old furniture to give them and your apartment a fresh look. Use some bold colors or some basic level of art to get things done the way you want.

7. Add an interesting entry

If your apartment has some pretty boring or regular kind of entry, try to work on it and make it interesting. You can add things like some plants or even a bookshelf to style up the area. Also, add a big mirror and a side table to keep your belongings and get a stylish look.