Being a major business sector, there are hardly any people who defer discussing the topics that are considered as the taboos in the real estate sector. Irrespective of the fact that people avoid talking about these topics, their existence and repercussions are always a concern that demands attention and resolutions. So if you too are planning to invest in some property, get yourself acquainted with these taboos and myths to make sure you do not get affected by them.

  1. Superstitions related to the property

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Be it certain locations, or a house facing in a certain direction, there are many superstitions prevalent in the society. Moreover, there are various other concepts as if Feng shui and Vaastu those to affect the way that people take decision-related to buying or living in a certain property. Although there is, nothing scientifically proved people sincerely follow these rules and make investments accordingly. Moreover, resale values of such properties also are reduced due to these aspects.

2. The third or fourth resale is not a good idea

This myth or taboo is something that you would hear of very often. People often believe that investing in a property that has already belonged to two or more sellers or owners earlier is not a good idea. However, there is no such solid reason that could prove a fact like this. Moreover, if a property is in a good location, people would buy and sell it often and there is nothing wrong in it. For a lot of real, buying and selling properties is a part of their business and therefore, these aspects should not be something to make a deal of.

3. No flat/homes to bachelor and singles

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This is something that is really a big deal in India as people and certain societies have rules where they do not allow the singles or bachelor boys and girls. A major reason behind this is believed to be the modern lifestyle that the youngsters have these days. However, with the increasing number of young individuals shifting to different cities, the need for residential properties is meant to increase and therefore taboos like these should be busted.

4. Widely developed neighborhoods

Often many people have specific requirements related to buying properties in context to the locations. While some people find it preferable to live amidst the city, others would want to choose a housing society that is far from the chaos and pollution of the city. Especially in the metros, the location is considered as a big taboo. Similarly, people are often scared to invest in properties that are located close to cremation areas.

One thing might be a boon for a person but the same thing could be considered as a disadvantage or taboo by the other and therefore it is very important to understand that you should invest in something that looks good for you and does not fall in any of the categories that you consider are taboos.