A “House for sale” sign board definitely kindles one’s desire to buy. Some might prefer a flat or an apartment and some might go for an independent house. Which one do you choose from these two options? “House for sale” or “Flat for sale”.

“Independent house or Apartment-Which one is better?” , a better insight can be obtained for this topic from below discussed points.

Independent house:

KPM_Thiyagarajan_View-02.JPGWe all are sentimentally attached to our home and thus investing on correct home gives peaceful living. Looking at Pros and cons of Independent house will definitely give you a mid way clarification.


  • If you want your house to be modeled according to your preference then it will happen right here. Yes, you can select your own design and architecture of your home.
  • Materials used for construction is truly your choice. You can use quality as well as cost effective materials.
  • The important factor in Independent house is the land that belongs to you, which fetches good resale value than apartment.  If you are planning to hang “house for sale” board after few years of building, it will definitely fetch you good returns.


  • Security is the major concern in Independent house. Since nuclear families are increasing where in  both husband and wife are working, Independent house needs more security measures as the threat is more.
  • Financial viability, that means you need to be financially strong if you are going for independent house since you need to pay a hefty amount for land as well as construction cost.


delhi ncr1The moment you see the sign board flat for sale, you get reminded of groups of kids playing in play area, senior citizens sitting in park bench, few of them swimming in pool, etc. Let us have a look on pros and cons of buying an apartment.


  • A gated community where in you get lots of friends is a biggest plus in an apartment.
  • If you want to fix a leaking pipe then all you need to do is call the admin in-charge to send the person to fix. The same goes for electrical works too.
  • Security wise, apartment is more secured than an independent house especially when you lock the house to fly for your holidays.
  • Lots of amenities like power back up, Water back up, gym, swimming pool, many more are available for you to enjoy.
  • Well defined parking lots creates no hassles in an apartment. 


  • Apartment designs are done by builder, so you are restricted to do any independent add ons.
  • Amenities look attractive, but you need to pay monthly maintenance cost even if you are not using them.
  • You can not make any independent decisions as the association comes into play.
  • A biggest negativity is that you have is, no control over the quality of materials used by the builder.

Concluding after going through above pros and cons will fetch you a home sweet home and avoids you to fall prey of  alluring “house for sale” and “Flats for sale” sign boards. Find out more here. http://propertyaffaire.com/