Decorating your home demands interest and taste and of course time. When you start with the interior decoration, you will have lots of doubts and questions arising in your mind. Let us take a look at top five FAQs on interior decoration which plagues our minds.


What is the difference between interior designer and interior decorator?

Many gets confused with interior decorator and a interior designer, interior designer should have architectural background and proper schooling where as a decorator is not necessary be professionally skilled anyone who has better aesthetic sense. Interior decoration is as vital as interior designing because it increases the aesthetic look of your home.

Do I need an interior decorator to decorate my home?

If you are not good at colors or decorating your home or don’t have enough time to dedicate then you can go for an interior decorator. If you are creative and full of imagination also has enough time to work on this, then you can very well play with spaces in your home. You can very well do a small research in Internet to have better ideas.

How do I furnish my space effectively?

The real problem in decorating your home starts when you furnish your house. Since this is the starting point of your decoration, you need to give more importance to it. Sit and evaluate the space by measuring the space. Then, try to furnish it in a way that you can alter them in future. For example, mirrors creates illusion of greater space, dark color will help you to shrink the space, etc.

When to choose the paint color and which shades will look good for my house?

Many might prefer to paint the walls before they move in, but it is always better to go for painting at the end. This helps you to choose better colors after your stuffs are placed in your home. Coming to choosing the colors, it all depends on natural light source. Also, lighter shades reflect better than the dark ones. For example, you can paint a smaller room with lighter sades to show them larger.

Can I use indoor plants?

Decorating your home with indoor plants is a most preferred idea since it is inexpensive as well as good for your lungs. Try few plants in your living room which are easy to grow. You don’t need to go for expensive plant holder, you can even use a Mason jar, or paint a terracotta plant holder with vibrant colors, or even use colorful plastic containers etc.

Though these might be the top frequently asked questions, there are lots of other questions like “Should I go for textured paint?”, “At what height should I hang the pictures?”, “What is the latest trend?, “How to decorate my kitchen?”. It is better to have a clear idea on all the questions that arises before you step into the actual decorating process. You can get ideas from your friends or hire a interior decorator to kick start your interior decoration.